Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video Tutorials...

I will be posting some videos here using the Cuttlebug.  Please be patient as I am learning different video techniques. Feel free to send me email with suggestions of what you would like to see . This blog is for you so lets make it the best that it can be. 

Thank you for your support. 


  1. A video tutorial is a great idea..thanks Nilda!

    I'd like to see any handy tips on how to emboss a piece of card that is larger than the embossing folder - I try and line up the design as best I can but it often doesn't look very good. maybe it is just trial & error...

    Peace & love
    Alison xx

  2. Fantastic job Nilda! I will be referring back when I finally get my Nesties. You have such a sweet voice. xxD

  3. What a fantastic idea, like Alison I too would like to know how to emboss card that is bigger than the embossing folders.

    Love Jan x

  4. Hi Nilda,What a great idea and so good of you to do this. I agree with the comments embossing a card that is larger than the embossing folder, also how do you emboss lines onto the card using different embossing folders with a space in between.
    Thanks Linda

  5. Hi! I have another question!
    A while ago when I was going crazy stocking up on lots of cutting die plates for my cuttlebug, I bought 'Concentric Hearts', 'Concentric Circles', 'Concentric Funky Square' & another concentric one. I bought them hoping that they would be good to punch card windows as a feature in my cards, but I have never used them for this - they punch out lots of concentric pieces and it was never the exact thing I imagined. Can the design team or other bloggers give me some clues as to best use these 'concentric' dies? I hate to see my cuttlebug accessories sitting there not used. Thanks!! :)

  6. Hi Nilda, Thanks for doing this! What's the best technique for coloring dry embossing? I just bought a Cuttle Bug and I would like to learn how to color part of my new card without making a mess. Thanks

  7. Is there a difference between using a Cuttle kid die on a Cuttle Bug machine?