Monday, July 6, 2009

Drive for 500: Sponsored by Custom Crops

We've teased you long enough, so now it's time to announce our new contest "Drive for 500".We are trying to hit 500 followers by the end of July and we need your help. Our official sponsor Custom Crops is offering prizes to keep us motivated along the way. Custom Crops has a great selection of Cuttlebug accessories, including pre-orders for the new embossing folders, so you can stock up and get ready for challenges with those folders. Be sure to visit their store.

Contest Details:

We'll give away a $50 gift certificate to Customer Crops on Friday, July 10th from all followers that have met the criteria listed below to get us started. We'll then give away another $50 gift certificate when we hit 500 followers. Here are the rules:

1. You need to become a follower of The Cuttlebug Spot. (If you are already a follower, you met the first step.)

2. Add a link to this post on your blog to spread the word.

3. Leave a comment with a link to your blog using Mr. Linky so we may visit you.

That's it, three easy steps and you could win a $50 gift certificate. Thank you to everyone that has been following us, we hope you enjoy the new blog design. Now, let's get the word and see how quickly we can get to 500!

You can also find The Cuttlebug Spot on Twitter, just click the link on the blog to follow us!

We will use to select the winner.

Remember, Mr. Linky is there to help you!

1. Melissa Kehano
2. Beverly Gotthardt
3. Libby
4. Devon
5. Libby
6. anitacorsten
7. Rose-Anne
8. Emily Wundrock
9. suzeq45
10. Deanne
11. Iona Schlaupitz
12. Sheryl Greene
13. Penny Doucette
14. Valarie Florer
15. Tifany D. / InkBlotsbyTRD
16. Katie
17. IRIT
18. Nora
19. Deborah Young
20. Cheryl Boglioli
21. Gwen H.
22. Leah Pagliaroli
23. scrappingpinklady
24. Aaron Boardley
25. Lynne in NI
26. Lynne in NI
27. ninamerle
28. Allison Cope
29. Alanna
30. test
31. Gini Cagle -correct link
32. Linda L
33. CathyT
34. Christina
35. Kathi Carlson
36. Ava Bellon
37. Sharli
38. Leah Pagliaroli
39. Bug Junkie
40. Debbie D-P
41. Laurel S
42. TraceyT
43. Maricar
44. Jodi
45. Patty
46. Rachel B
47. Marcy
48. Char- D
49. Mary G.
50. Mary G. (oops- right link!)
51. Sherry Hostetter
52. Sue
53. Amy Schultz
54. Kelly
55. CraftygirlfromMG
56. Christine
57. Scrappymax
58. Linda
59. NitaBug
60. Angela Schlough
61. Teri Dorowsky
62. Agnes Robertson
63. DebJo
64. Alli
65. raindropecho
66. Christina Thomas
67. Christina Thomas
68. Alysabeth Johnston
69. Sylvia Smith
70. Denise
71. Tara G
72. Patty Chalas
73. Maria Snook
74. rush
75. Jen
76. jes
77. Sherrie
78. Leslie Pershing
79. Gosia
80. Amanda
81. Lourae Minor
82. *~Danielle~*
83. Camille
84. Terri
85. Terri
86. Amber Summerlin
87. Renee
88. CherryMason
89. nancy sanders
90. Shari Stevenson
91. Stacey
92. Stephanie Flores aka Florellis.designs
93. Brit Kohl
94. Debbie Buckland
95. Jacqui Jones (NZ)
96. Scrappytinman
97. Lisa R.
98. Christina Smith
99. toaster
100. Laurinda
101. Kitt
102. Lauren
103. Linda B
104. Jamie
105. Roxx.T
106. SAM
107. Made by Mandy
108. Cyndi Woods
109. Julie Temple
110. Melanie
111. Diana - Teacher Mom
112. Kathy
113. Carol C.
114. TBug
115. Nicole K

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  1. How fun! I'm new to the blogging world, but lovin' it! So much talent out there!!

  2. Great prize package--Love your new look!
    Thanks for giving us all a place to play.
    Beverly Gotthardt

  3. Your blog deserves all the followers you can get. It's always inspiring and gfull of great ideas. Thanks for having this blog and good luck with your follower drive

  4. Hey ladies! I haven't been as involved as often as I'd like, but I do keep up with what's going on over here. Good luck with reaching your goal! Maybe my posting will help!

    Paper Is My Passion

  5. Wow! What a terrific chance to win some great candy! Good luck with your goal. I'm so glad I'm already a follower so I didn't miss this.

  6. I'm always plugging your blog on all the yahoogroups Ia m on. You do an awesome job and thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I really enjoy your blog! All of the challenges and entries are so inspiring! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  8. I am new to your blog but finding it so inspiring and full of great information. I have a Cuttlebug but have not used it much so depending on you to inspire me to use it more and I am sure this will be the case. I already found a couple of challenges I want to try with what I have but need to get more when I get a job. Thanks again for your inspiration and much needed kick in the pants to use the tool I have.

  9. Hi - I look forward to the weekly challenges - and have added your posting to my blog:
    here's the link

  10. I know you'll reach 500! Best of luck. It would be wonderful to win some $$$ to buy more Cuttlebug folders!

  11. WoW! Looks like the 5oo is not going to be out of reach. I have to say that I just love my little green cuttlebug. It would be great to add to my folders if I won this.

  12. What a great web site. And a great contest. Someone one is going to be very happy when they win. Hopefully that will be me as I dont hava a cuttlebug yet, still use the old red sizzix machine to emboss. Im so glad I joined.!!!

  13. I am so happy to find this blog. I love my Cuttlebug. This is a great contest. I also love Custom Crops. That is were I get all my Cricut cartridges. I used the heading from this page on my blog to make a link back here. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful prize.

  14. Cool contest! WOW, 500 followers! I'm still working on my first 100!
    Good luck! I'm sure it will happen very soon!

  15. You are getting close to 500 followers! Good luck! :)

  16. Fun contest! Love my Cuttlebug!!

  17. I'm new to the blog - I can thank Kathi for sending me here!

  18. Wow great contest. Love my ...bug

  19. A great contest, I put a link in my sidebar.

  20. How exciting! This sure is one special place! Good luck to all who enter!!! :) Do keep on comin' back to join us for all the fun too!


  21. getting there quickly! this is fun!

  22. Great Contest!!!

  23. I have posted about this on my blog and used Mr. Linky with the link. Let's hope he behaves now. I am also a follower.

  24. Yum Yum Yummy Cuttlebug Spot. I've been a follower for a while and have linked this contest to my blog Treasured Paper Designs. I added my name via Mr Linky #51. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I'm just getting started visiting blog sites and don't have one of my own. Sooo many artists and lots of inspiration. Thanks, Lynne

  26. I am off to put a link to your blog on my sidebar.
    You are already a blog I regularly look at.
    Christine xx

  27. I've linked to you too. Can't wait to start on joining you on the weekly challenges.

  28. Hope I did this right (newbie to Mr. Linky); I certainly put you on my blog when I found you because ya'll have an awesome blog! Now, I just have to find crafting time to enter your challenges LOL!

  29. Thanks for having such a great blog. I love the cuttlebug...actually it's my daughter's and she let's me "borrow" it.

  30. I just got a cuttlebug so this site is really interesting.

  31. Got my CuttleBug last month. Looking forward to seeing what can be done with CuttleBug. Also new at blogging. Have to figure how to setup page!! Don't know if I got your link on my page correctly, hope so!

  32. I've left a link to this post underneath your blinkie on the sidebar of my blog! You can see it: here

  33. I do belong to the blog and enjoy it, but i do not have a blog -- so i guess i can't qualify (sad face)

  34. What a great blog. Am now a follower and added your blinkie to the sidebar of my blog. Go get 'em! Hope you hit 500 soon.


  35. What a great opportunity! And how much do I loooooove Custom Crops?!

  36. i have become a follower and have blogged about you on my blog. i am off to peruse your blog and see all of the goodies.

  37. I love your challenge blog, Nilda! I don't do as much as I should with my Cuttlebug.... Especially considering I have a ton of folders. I am excited to follow this blog and be challenged!

  38. You are on my blog. How fun!

  39. Cuttlebug challenge blog had the same contest 2 weeks ago, didn't win, keeping my finger crossed...
    don't have a blog but promoting on the cricut board.

  40. Love the Cuttlebug!! Use it alot.


  41. Love Love Love your sight!! Such great things to see!!

  42. You're almost there. Love the cuttlebug.

  43. great site! can't wait to see what people do with the new cuttlebug folders- I've got to get my hands on those! I just ordered my first jukebox from Custom Crops today too!!

  44. I'm a follower, Entered my link w/ Mr. Linky, I'm number 93!

  45. Wow what a blogspot! I found it quite by accident and it is just the inspiration I need to use my cuttlebug more often. We don't get the news products in New Zealand as quickly as overseas but I will try to enter challenges with the linited dies and folders I currently have.

  46. I love my cuttlebug but often times forget to use it. I am trying to get better at it and seeing all the beautiful cards that are made with it is grate inspiration.

  47. Number 100!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE cuttlebug and use all the time :)

  48. Hey I'm #100 on Mr. Linky and #500 on Followers. How odd! Yes, I'm talking about myself. HA Winning would be a nice birthday gift, as today is my birthday. I did complete all the tasks and will be checking here in the future to see what's what with cuttlebug. BTW thanks for enabling me on the HSN folder special.

  49. I am a follower and have been for awhile your blog!! Looks like you a just a few shy of getting 500 followers this morning.
    I have linked your giveaway to my sidebar.
    I really love my Cuttlebug and use it all the time.
    Thank you for the chance to win the prize.

  50. I didn't realize I was not a follower because I've been receiving updates in my inbox, but alas!! I have added my name to your follow list, but I don't have a blog. Be assured that I share this blog with all my friends!


  51. I was SURE I was already a follower but I guess not -- BUT I'M A FOLLOWER NOW!!! And, congrats on hitting 500!!

  52. I am a Follower! I love the cuttlebug, and I put your blinkie in my sidebar!

  53. What a great idea! I'm a follower and have you listed on my site. Thanks.

  54. Congrats on the 500 followers!! Such an accomplishment!

  55. Love the new look...AND my CB! hehehe COngrats on getting over that 500 mark!


  56. Congrats on reaching your 500th followers! love the new my cuttlebug so much and you have such a great Designer Team. awesome prize!!!


  57. Oh how cool is this?!!! I, too love my was my first scrapbooking tool! I will be posting your link on my sidebar and will be following this blog very closely from now on! Thanks for this opportunity!


  58. This is fantastic. I'm a follower AND I posted about the contest on
    Someone is going to be very lucky!

  59. How much fun is this! I did link my blog and Mr. Linky! I am now a follower, too! I love my embossing folders!!!